Leo Lafonce & Cliff Beltane

May 16th, 2008

Leo agrees to let his friend Ian put him in shackles and a blind fold with Ian's promise that he will help Leo live out a personal fantasy: some light bondage, submission, maybe some spanking and, hopefully, some kinky surprises. But when Ian conscripts sex-stud Cliff Beltane for the job, it's clear that Leo is in for more than he had bargained for. Leo is at Cliff's mercy, and Cliff is happy to take full advantage of that. In his bound state, Leo can feel Cliff's muscular nine inch cock pressed against his face, he can taste it when Cliff allows him to, but he is powerless to behold the beauty of it or reach out and grab it. Finally Cliff shows mercy and releases Leo from his bindings, but he is not done having his way with him. Cliff shoves all nine inches into Leo's ass with no mercy. Not only does Leo not complain, he is so overcome with excitement he shoots a massive load all over the floor. But Cliff has one last surprise for Leo, and Leo face is waiting.