Bobby Long & Diego Diamond

April 22nd, 2011

We caught Bobby Long and Diego Diamond in the first blush of romance so don't be surprised if the action is fast and furious. True, they've only known each other for a week and that's when the lust is still fresh and powerful. They really couldn't keep their hands off each other from start to finish.

At first there was some debate about who would be top but Diego finally talked Bobby into taking the bottom role and honestly we think Bobby was secretly hoping it would end up with him on the bottom. Diego has an enormous cock and knows how to use it.

At first Bobby really struggled to take that thing in his ass and Diego wasn't exactly taking it slow in him and you'll hear Bobby say so. But from the look of Bobby's hardon, he loves that big hard cock inside him.

And he's not the only one that enjoyed himself. Four different times during the shooting Diego asked, "Ok, can I cum now?" And each time we had to insist that he hold off until we got more footage. Bobby's tight little ass really had Diego o