Sonny & Marco: No Ordinary Fuck

October 4th, 2013

Sonny Stewart and Marco Gagnon are in love. A real life couple, these two sexy boys have been passionately together for the past four months. Making love for these two is almost narcissistic since they are alike in so many ways. They are about the same height and weight, near the same age, have lean, muscular builds, short dark hair and big dicks. They even share each other's clothes. There are differences of course. Sonny is the cocky, loud one while Marco is a bit more shy and cautious in his actions. And while Sonny has a very impressive 7.5 inch cock, Marco's 9 inch baseball bat is jaw-dropping.

When it comes time for sex, you can really see that these two connect on more than just a physical level. Though the kissing, the sucking and the fucking are dirty/sexy like all good sex, there's another dimension to Sonny and Marco's sex that you don't see with ordinary fuck friends. Watch how they look into each other's eyes as the cock slides in and out, evaluating each other's reactions and responding to each other's movements like two master musicians improvising together. It's always new but it's always good. This is fucking on a different level.