Luda On The Dance Floor

November 15th, 2013

Ever since Luda Wayne first appeared on Videoboys back in 2010, we've been getting emails from fans in praise of Luda's stunning looks. Invariably they make reference to his blue eyes, or his cutie-pie dimples, the soft, smooth skin, or maybe his perfect 7.5 inch cock and foreskin. And let's not forget his beautiful bubble butt. We were excited to have him tell us that Luda has shared his beauty with more than just his internet fans and a few lucky girls. Luda was a stripper at a gay club here in Montreal for a few years and wow, he sure knows how to show it off. Before he even started as a stripper, Luda loved going to the clubs and dancing and trying out his moves with his friends. But once he started stripping he added a whole new dimension to his dance style and that's what we wanted to show you here.