Joey and Jimmy Flip Flop Fuck

December 27th, 2013

We wanted Joey Lafontaine to take his porn career to the next level: to get fucked by a real guy in front of our camera. Joey agreed but he wanted us to find a way that he could do it but still maintain some portion of his masculine reputation. But how to do it? What about a flip flop fuck (where Joey can fuck a guy and then flip and get fucked by the same guy - so it's kind of an equal thing). But with whom?

Joey and Jimmy Little have been friends for about a year now and always have fun when they're together. But in all that time they've never gotten around to doing anything sexual together. They've talked about it many times but the right opportunity never arose. Add to that the fact that we know that Jimmy is a great bottom but also has a long hard cock and knows how to use it and we have the perfect partner to show Joey's full range of talents.

So after a bit of warmup foreplay, the fucking got underway with Joey sticking his big, curved dick in Jimmy's ass and there is no doubt about it, Jimmy was liking it. But we know about that already. So when it was Joey's turn, he thought the pain of taking Jimmy's thick 8 inches in his tight little anus might be diminished if he sat on it first. But that just didn't work out as well as he hoped so he turned on his side and let Jimmy do some of the work. And once it was in, the problem wasn't whether he could take that fat dick. Joey's biggest problem was trying to prevent himself from cumming too fast.