Marco Gagnon Splits a Fleshjack

January 10th, 2014

You would think that most any guy would be happy to have a whopper of a cock. Marco Gagnon has had a fat nine inch dick since he was in high school but it's been a mixed blessing. Sure it impressed some of his friends but on the downside it's so hard to hide when he gets a spontaneous erection at the pool or in class. And because it seems to draw attention that he's not interested in Marco tends to downplay the size of his dick. He won't even admit to us that it's a big one, even though he's only ever seen one other cock that was as big as his. Before he was ever in porn, rumours got around about his prodigious piece and Marco found that he was getting propositioned by every size queen in town and that's exactly what he doesn't want. And the other downside to being so big is that sometimes the guys that he wants to top are too scared to give it a try.

But in spite of the fact that there are some downsides to having a huge dick, they're sure pretty to look at. So that's just what we wanted to do in this video. We wanted to take a real close look at Marco's really huge cock. So we handed him a Fleshjack and let him stretch it to its limits.