The Videoboys Winter Cumshot Contest

January 24th, 2014

With the winter olympics on everyone's mind we thought we should have our own Videoboys winter sporting event. Though the Cumshot Contest is something we usually reserve for summer, it's time for a winter version.

The Contestants

Luda Wayne - Reigning champion Luda Wayne took the 2013 title in June with a serviceable (but not record breaking) cumshot. And in spite of a recent tanning bed miscalculation, Luda came to defend his title and was hoping to set a record. But he'll need more than just a few days of unreleased cum to break any barriers. Maybe some encouragement from his competitors will be just what he needs.

Shawn Beliveau - Though not new to Videoboys (we've seen Shawn fuck both Jake Bass and Arnaud Chagall) this is Shawn's first ever cumshot contest. He's not always a big shooter but we wanted Shawn in the mix because he and Luda are good enough friends that we figured their relationship would motivate each of them to give a little extra. We were so right but not exactly in the way we expected.

Max Dawson - Though he's a real rookie to jerking off in front of the camera, we saw a lot of potential in Max. Aside from being super sexy and having the hottest legs we've ever seen, Max is so totally relaxed and confident about stripping naked and jerking off in front of people, we figured a contest like this might be a chance for him to showcase his talents. We really find it hot that Max is secure enough in his own sexuality that he's not the slightest bit shy to look over and see what his fellow competitors have to offer.