Straight Boy Shawn Beliveau Learns About Anal Pleasure

March 21st, 2014

We never thought we'd see the day. When we met Shawn Beliveau two years ago he was probably one of the straightest guys we'd ever met. He wasn't homophobic but he was adamant that he was just for the ladies and had a reputation to maintain. But as time went by Shawn was exposed to more gay people and some of his attitudes started to soften. Then he did his first duo fucking Jake Bass and did a credible job as a top. Then by the time he had his second duo, topping Arnaud Chagall, his kissing and oral sex skills had improved significantly.

So he's kissed guys, sucked and been sucked by guys and fucked guys. But so far no one has gone anywhere near Shawn's ass. When Shawn told us he was ready to try a scene as a bottom, we were skeptical. We wanted a tangible demonstration to show that Shawn could take it in the ass. So he picked out a slim dildo with variable speed vibration and brought it over to show us what he could do. Watch this straight boy learn the pleasures of his prostate. It's not the same as being fucked by a guy, but it's a good start.