Vic Palmer's Nine Inch Pole

May 16th, 2014

There are a lot of things we really like about Vic Palmer. It starts with his cute face of course, masculine and friendly with beautiful, dark eyes. And when he takes his shirt off we're reminded of an action figure because of his broad shoulders, thick, muscular chest and arms and his washboard abs. Vic is a mover by trade and seeing him in shorts you can understand how his powerful thighs would be an asset in that business. But the thing that left the most lasting impression, the one feature that we can't stop talking about is Vic's big cock! The first time we saw him naked his dick was soft and quite frankly we thought it was pretty average as soft dicks go. So for some of the photos we asked him to get it hard while we moved the lights. We turned away for just a minute or two and when we turned back there was this pole of flesh sticking straight out at us and we just couldn't believe our eyes. So this video was contrived entirely to give us the opportunity to study that beautiful cock in greater detail. Vic shows us just how deep he can inflict damage on a Flesh Jack.