Anticipation: Finally Shane Fucks Tyler

July 29th, 2014

Shane Parker and Tyler Rivers have been potential fuck friends for weeks now but the fates kept conspiring against them. They met on Facebook and started with some ambiguous flirting. On more than one occasion they've met at clubs and continued the mating dance but each time one or the other had a commitment and couldn't get away for sex. The one night when they did make it back to Shane's apartment, they were both so drunk that they collapsed on the bed and passed out.

So we took advantage of the pressure that's been building between these two and let them finally realize their destiny. Tyler in particular has been anxious to try Shane's fat cock in his ass to find out if it lives up to the stories he's heard from friends. According to the word around the village Shane is a great top.

And Shane, for his part, lived up to his reputation. His dick was rock hard from the start to finish and didn't go down even when they went for a cigarette break. He gave Tyler exactly what he asked for. He started slow and then built up to a really hard pounding. After waiting weeks for this fuck, they finally brought their relationship to a new level and christened it in cum. Rumour has it that Tyler had trouble walking for the next few days.