Rookie of the Year

September 19th, 2014

To say that Vic Palmer is straight, though technically true, might give the reader the wrong impression about what to expect from him. Yes he is very attracted to girls and has a girlfriend, and yes he has never had sex with a boy before. But your average self-identified straight guys are usually quite reluctant to jump into having sex with boys or at least reluctant to let any one know that they would do it.

But Vic is not your average straight guy. On the contrary, he's perfectly relaxed about the idea of having sex with a boy and he's not shy about talking about it. Once he got permission from his girlfriend he was good to go. And not just the straight guy version of gay sex. Vic was ready to do the full course meal: kissing, sucking and then finally he was ready to pound some ass with his big eight inch cock.

Benjamin London has been our regular straight-boy breaker for the past little while. He seems particularly good at putting straight boys at ease and getting them to go all the way. But that's not the reason Benjamin London got the nod to be Vic's first. Actually, Vic and Benjamin know each other from the club where they both work and when we first floated the idea to Vic about doing a gay scene, the first guy that Vic thought of was Benjamin. In fact Benjamin had offered to be Vic's first weeks before the video idea ever came up.

"So how did it go?" you ask. Spoiler alert! Vic was an absolute star. The kissing, the sucking and the fucking, all a big thumbs up. But don't take our word for it. Benjamin, who's been at this gay sex thing long enough to know what's a good fucking and what's not, was so impressed with the pounding Vic gave him, his moans of pleasure almost blew our microphone at one point. But ultimately, the cum shots tell it all. Go watch.