Shawn & Jason - Uptown Cums Downtown

October 3rd, 2014

When it comes to fuck buddies, Jason Martin has varied tastes. Usually he's after the preppy, boy-next-door. You know the type: fashionably dressed, majoring in something highly cerebral at college and whose idea of being bad is taking a puff of a cigarette once in awhile.

But once in a while, every so often, Jason just wants that raw adrenaline rush that comes from fucking with a real bad boy. You know the type: blue collar job, jailhouse tattoos, lacking in the social graces, scarred knuckles and just bursting with a certain animalistic sex appeal. And Shawn Beliveau fit perfectly into Jason's little bad boy fantasy.

Shawn was a star hockey player until he was sidelined by an injury a few years ago. But he still has that powerful skaters ass and legs. Now he works in construction by day and on his weekends he goes to the clubs and finds trouble. "What kind of trouble?" we once asked him, and he assured us that we didn't want to know.

It's always exciting to watch a tough guy like Shawn gently kissing a boy or licking up and down his cock. But that's just a side show. The main attraction is when he starts fucking. And Jason is ready to take everything this construction worker has to give him. Though Jason is taller than Shawn, Shawn's strength and dominating personality were a good match for Jason who really just wanted a good fucking. The mood is  more animalistic than romantic in this duo, and that's just what the doctor ordered. Jason was so excited his orgasm came without warning and the cum almost put out his eye.