Damien Gunn

November 4th, 2014

Watching eighteen year old pretty boy Damien Gunn even for just a short time you can clearly see the direction social life is going with the digital generation. Damien has had a "smart phone" since very early in his teens and it's really at the very heart of his entire social life. In ancient times, parents would complain about their kids watching too much TV but Damien barely glances at TV during a day. The phone has his rapt attention most of his waking hours. He uses it to keep in touch with his family and friends, to meet new friends and of course to cruise for sex. He has all the important social medias, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Hornet, Grindr and some more we don't even know about.

If you happen to be lucky enough to have access to Damien's social media, you would be treated to all kinds of his iPhone photography from playful pics of his dog to sexy underwear selfies in the bathroom mirror. Damien has a highly developed sense of style and he's always taking pictures of himself in his latest fashion creation.

But the best treat, assuming you can't be with Damien in person, is when he gives a lucky sexting buddy a sexy video show on via his phone or his laptop. With so much practice, Damien is a master of seducing the camera. The sultry looks and the teasing reveal of skin is a tantalizing start. But when he gets down to business the show gets pretty explicit. He recreated one of his sexting sessions for us here.