Jordan and Shawn

February 7th, 2015

When you have piercing blue eyes and chiseled cheek bones like Jordan Thomas you have every right to expect to command the attention of those around you. And especially that of your boyfriend. But when Jordan and Shawn arrive back to their hotel after a day of shopping Jordan finds that Shawn is too wrapped up in texting his friends to give Jordan the attention he deserves. When showing a little skin doesn't change Shawn's outlook, Jordan ups the ante by getting right down to his sexy undies and giving Shawn a faceful of ass that he can't refuse.

Once Jordan has Shawn's attention he takes charge of the situation. He pushes Shawn back into the chair and shoves his tongue down Shawn's throat. Next down Shawn's throat is Jordan's fat, throbbing cock and Shawn is given no choice but to take it and like it. Once Jordan has Shawn's clothes ripped off it's time to deal out the most important punishment/reward of all. Jordan gives Shawn an ass fucking that he'll never forget. And to top it all off, Jordan blasts a full creamy load right into Shawn's face. You can bet that that was the last time Shawn doesn't give Jordan the attention he's due.