Jordan's Naked Challenge

February 22nd, 2015

Strip poker is too cliché for the today's gay boys. When Jordan Thomas and Nick Reed felt like they wanted to add a little suspense to the fuck session they invented a series of increasingly difficult challenges to determine what clothes would be removed and by whom. It was anyone's game right up to the end but when Jordan turned in a brilliant performance in the "handstand challenge" he earned the privilege of removing Nick's last scrap of clothing and having him naked, vulnerable and at his mercy in front of him.

Jordan's approach to taking his reward was gentle at first, exploring all Nick's sensitive spots with his tongue. But once he got his heart rate going and his boner rock hard, gentle Jordan began to show his animal side, twisting Nick around like a Gumby doll, fucking him from all angles. After pounding him in doggy style, Jordan sent a cum shot blasting across Nick's back and then Nick reciprocated by covering Jordan's face in creamy goo.